Wedding Details – Ring Shots

Spring is just around the corner and wedding invitations are starting to come in the mail. I’m excited to celebrate and photograph some special days, and would like to share that excitement with you! Over the past years I’ve taken some photos that remain favorites, and will be posting them over the next few weeks in anticipation of another wedding season.

“I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend
If it makes you feel all right”

-The Beatles

Each celebration is unique, and so much detail goes into a wedding. Rings are a lovely aspect of the event, every set is different, and shows the personality of couple. I love being able to capture the rings as part of the wedding day, here are a few of my favourite shots. Enjoy.

Wedding Rings Photo Fairy TaleWedding Rings Photo FlowersWedding Rings PhotoWedding Rings PhotoWedding Rings PhotoWedding Rings Photo




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